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Workout Planning for Dummies (Or Busy People)

plan photo

Are you a little of both, maybe? A dummy who is busy and wants to work out regularly?

This is my system, which I’m sharing for the benefit of anyone who has ever condescendingly (or sincerely) said to me, or anyone else who has tried to make fitness a priority, “I wish I could workout that often, but I just have too much to do.”

What do you think I am…a Time Lord?!

(Don’t get excited, Geek Friends, I don’t really know anything about Dr. Who, or Glee, or whatever it is that has Time Lords, I just know they’re a thing, and I thought this was a prime place for a reference.)

Anyway, if you’re serious and need a new method of making sure fitness gets on the calendar, this is my suggestion…write out an exercise framework at the beginning of the week, when you’re making the rest of your plans*, and put it on your calendar in pencil. I put an example of this from my own calendar, up top. (This is not an example of a very busy week, I’m afraid, but it gets the point across.)

Then, if you can’t do whatever it was you planned to do…write what you did end up doing in pen. Here’s an example of what that looks like…

plan pic 2

(Again, not a crazy busy week, you’ll just have to pretend that there’s a shit ton of things crowding that box, because trust me, there usually are).

You’ll notice something; sometimes the things I plan to do are with other people–jiu jitsu class, a free group run with a local running shoe store–but in this case (as it often is), the things I ended up doing were solo ventures. A run by myself, a 3 x 15 workout late one night, ten minutes of yoga before work. The promise of fun may get you in the mindset to work out, but when push comes to shove, you have to actually be ready to just do something, to co-opt and paraphrase the tagline of a Very Big Company.

I’m more likely to just do something if I see that I have it written down, even if I don’t do exactly what was planned. And if it’s in pencil…I can just erase it and write what I did do.

Why would I do that? To log workouts. If you don’t know the value of this for progress tracking purposes, then you might not be a believer, but even if you aren’t that serious, know this; it’s harder to slide into sloth if you can look at three weeks of previous workouts and think, “Wow, I’ve got some momentum going, here.”

If you only use your computer and phone for calendar planning, then, great! It’s just as easy to put stuff in and edit it, later, when you actually work out. (I have laptop, phone, and hardcopy calendars. Because, ADHD.)

So, try penciling in some activity this week, and see if it makes a difference.

(*If you don’t plan your meals, or your appointments, then…I don’t know what to say to you. I try to regularly plan all of that, AND my outfits. Yes, like a toddler. I don’t have one of those cool
WEAR THIS TODAY organizers in my closet, but I do have a set up for having what I am going to wear ready to go. Again, see above…Because, ADHD.)