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Get Out There and Get Fit!


Ty Gay and Jennifer Gray from Redline Jiu Jitsu; photograph by Simon Hurst

You may already know that Oklahoma has a bad reputation (cue the Joan Jett classic tune as background music) when it comes to fitness.

The American College of Sports Medicine’s annual Fitness Index lists the 50 major metropolitan areas in the U.S. and ranks them, in order of most to least fit.

Oklahoma is usually dead last, or hovering around the bottom.

My latest feature for Slice magazine is a compendium of choices for the Okie who wants a fun way to get fit. There’s a blurb with professional help finding your “fitness personality”, and nine suggestions to get you started on the hunt for your fitness passion, if you need a new one.

Read the article in its entirety here…and go try something new!

It’s Winding Down…Visit the Elaborate Collaborate While You Can!

Elaborate Collaborate 7

 “Everything has to come to an end, sometime.”― L. Frank Baum, The Marvelous Land of Oz

Maybe some of you Okie readers missed the opening of the Elaborate Collaborate at IAO Gallery in Oklahoma City.

Maybe you didn’t go during the weeks of active collaboration, and see artists at work, adding their own unique flavor to this one-of-a-kind exhibit. (Which you can read about here, if you’re behind in following my blog. Get your priorities together, by the way.)

Elaborate Collaborate 1

Maybe–and I’m really, really sad for you if this is true–you missed the awesome Exquisite Corpse Poetry Event hosted by the incredible Kerri Shadid.

Elaborate Collaborate 5Because there were adult beverages, and poetry games like the ones the Surrealists used to start the whole exquisite corpse thang, and a convergence of conviviality that probably only Kerri Shadid can bring. (For those of you who don’t believe that poetry can be an interactive party of the heart, go visit Kerri’s show ”Playground of Curiosity” October 2-31 at The Project Box in Paseo, and make a special effort to attend the October 29th closing reception, which will include a Surrealist Poetry Game Night.)

Elab Collab Collage

We constructed poems from words cut from books, nonsensical sentences passed to one another, and other word puzzles that stoked creativity and let us simply make a mess, the way we did in Kindergarten. (And some of us got up and read them out loud in front of people!)

So, I’m sorry if you missed any of those elements from the Elaborate Collaborate, but there’s still time to squeak in and see the wonderful results. The closing reception is this Friday, August 14th, and if you come out to the August 21st Premiere on Film Row, you can combine some good food truck fare with one last visit before the August 22nd closing.

I really think you should.